My name is Nicholas Gray (I go by "Nic" since I do have a "K" nowhere in my name). I am a Charlotte native of North Carolina. Cars are in my blood since this passion for "rolling sculptures" goes back two generations, namely my Dad's Dad (Grandpa Ernest) could make any bucket of bolts run. Though my path has been one of twists and turns, design has been at the forefront from the beginning. Whether that’s sketching an idea for a new watch line, awesome branding, or researching for a UI project, I get entralled in my work easily living in the studio to see my baby (the project!) come to fruition.  I see a major shift over the horizon in automotive industry, involving User Experience Design at core of shaping the future of autonomous cars. I hope to collaborate & create breathtaking experiences for the websites, software-as-service, and eventually cars alike.

NICHOLAS P. GRAY | 803.306.3647
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, Master of Industrial Design (MID) - May 2016
University of North Carolina at Asheville, Asheville, NC, Bachelor of Art in Applied Mathematics - May 2010
Coding, Sketching, Photography, User Testing, Creating Prototype & Mockups, Agile methods
Computer: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Audition, InVision, Dropsource, HTML/CSS/Javascript/MySQL, Sketchbook Pro
NSPiR: VR Racing Simulator, Industrial Design Final Project Studio - Spring 2016
Produced a virtual simulator for car enthusiasts and driving education that accurately mimics real world physics using remote-controlled cars & 360-degree camera
Identified that current simulators lacked realism and mobility
Researched and interviewed current racers about aspects of the experience that would need to be in place
Examined the trajectory of automonous vehicles and how this product can evolve into a leisurely sport
H2Onesie, Product Innovation Lab - Fall 2015
Developed an infant hydration monitoring system inspired by Withings design language
Led a team of 3 engineers & MBA student, using strong communication skills
Visualized the companion app that would come with the product, wireframing the experience

Hanes Bra Simulator, Sponsored Advanced Industrial Design Studio - Spring 2015
Produced a prototype of a pregnant woman to mimic the stages of pregnancy in order to aid bra designers to develop sports bras that can evolve with this underserved market
Customized an Arduino to simulate the pressure-sensitive on typically pain points expressed by subjects
Paradigm Innovation and Design, Raleigh, NC Jan 2018 - Present
Industrial & Interaction Design Intern
Develop growth strategies how to improve unique user traffic on the Paradigm website; investigating UX design
strategies that will effective promote the site
Research and assess complex problems; synthesizing a simple solution
Utilize design strategy to create unique design experience between physical products and digital interface
Collaborate with the Executive Design & Strategy Manager to plan events for Paradigm community involvement
j.29|11dsgnspace, Raleigh, NC, Aug 2015 - Present
Freelance Designer
Procure and generate design leads; create graphic, product, web, and user experiences
Collaborate with clients understanding their needs and effectively check & meet those demands
Lead the production of marketing material for EuroBike 2017 & 2018 convention
Ideate designs for a 1987 BMW R90/6 motorcycle remodel
Head design of the artistic styling of a book to aid in the examination children’s emotion state

JMP Software, SAS, Cary, NC, Jun 2017 - Nov 2017
Design Consultant (Contractor)
Create kinetic topography for a customer success video for the JMP sofware platform
Collaborate with product manager to review video’s message
Christian Life Fellowship, Raleigh, NC - Aug 2013 - Present
Designer, Podcast Creator, Usher, Public Relations Specialist, Photographer
Design flyers, pamphlets, and other media for the church
Communicate with Technology Department to develop new content for church website
Serve public with outstanding communication and deligence

American Institute of Graphic Arts Member - June 2017 - Present
IDSA Student Member - Aug 2012 - Present
Triangle UXPA Student Member - Aug 2014 - Present
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